3 Ways Cheap Writers Can Kill Your Credibility

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When you need content within a budget, it can be tempting to look overseas for Indian or Filipino writers. After all, the design and technical work they provide is often excellent, and they are often used as customer support representatives because they have a great command of the English language. Outsourcing is often a viable and valuable solution for many job roles, but unfortunately content creation is simply not one of them.

The fact of the matter is that no matter how well these writers may speak or write in English, when you read their content it becomes obvious that most are not native speakers. This may not seem like a big deal at first glance, especially if you just need a lot of content fast and cheap, but in the long run, this can seriously hurt your credibility.

It is important to point out that while the majority of non-native speakers may not be the best choice for writing your English speaking campaigns, there are some exceptional writers out there, and you should certainly give them a chance. Likewise, if you need content for a campaign in the Philippines or India, you should be looking for a native speaker to communicate your message.

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Hiring writers can be easy, or a headache.

Bad Writing Is Unprofessional

The hallmark of bad writing is grammatical mistakes and awkward phrasing, and nowhere is this more evident than when a non-native speaker crafts content. For example: http://mens-health.knoji.com/how-to-lose-weight-and-make-your-body-fit/

Not how complex and awkward the sentences are, and how distracting and difficult this makes the content to read. Remember, the point of having a website is that you can easily get your message across to potential clients. If they are having to decipher your message through the hieroglyphics of awkwardly constructed sentences, they just might decide that doing business with you is more trouble than its worth.

Besides, it seems a reasonable expectation that the content you have on your website is a reflection of how you do business. If you can’t be bothered to make your message follow the basic rules of grammar, why should a client trust you with their business? Why should they trust ANYTHING you have to say, if you can’t be bothered to say it clearly?

Hiring A Writer Is Like Hiring A Comedian

This might seem weird, but when you are looking to hire a writer, you are hiring someone who is an expert at communications. One of the best tests for how well someone can communicate is their ability to tell a joke. Think about it, how many times have you had to sit through an awkward retelling of a once funny joke?

The art of writing, the ability to give your writing a voice or personality is in a very real way the same as the art of telling a joke. This, unfortunately, also means that non-native speakers are at a tremendous disadvantage, because jokes, idioms and common expressions simply do not translate well. Most recently I frightened the designer of my website when I informed her that I would “hit her up” later with some additional work.

Her reply was, “Why you hit me?” Laughing, I explained that this was an American expression saying that I would CONTACT her later. She was not as amused as I was. Misunderstandings like this between cultures happen frequently, and are usually not an issue, but if your business is focused on an English speaking clientele, this misunderstanding could easily go the other way. Imagine the horror of discovering some small typo that seemed to make sense to your Filipino writer, which looks like this:

my nuts in a bag

Non Native speakers might think this is fine, but what will your clients think?


What You Save On Writing You’ll Pay Double In Editing

So maybe you’re thinking, “Sure, the writing isn’t great quality, but its so cheap I can just hire an editor.” This is certainly an option, but not a more affordable one.

Sometimes the writing can be so bad, its often easier for someone to just completely rewrite the content, which will end up costing what you paid for the overseas writer on top of native speaker rates to edit and then rewrite everything. Even if it doesn’t, your editor isn’t likely to take work from you again in the future. After all, nobody likes to work for peanuts, and writers and editors are no exception. Considering that native speakers can’t survive off of the same rates that non-native speakers can, this can lead to some awkward situations.

All of that aside, editing bad writing takes more time than it takes to edit well-written content. Often when the content isn’t well written to begin with, it can strain deadlines, even turning what seemed like easy work into an arduous task that takes twice as long to complete as anyone expected.

Save Yourself Money, Time, And Credibility

Your content is how you communicate with your customers. It is your marketing, customer service, and your retention program. Trying to cut corners by hiring unqualified writers to represent your company is just a bad mistake with an embarrassing story waiting to happen. Even if you catch the mistakes as they make their way through, they are typically the sorts of mistakes that will cost you twice as much as you “saved”, and simply aren’t worth the trouble.

Hiring freelance writers can be tricky, whether you are looking overseas to save money or are willing to pay top dollar. Fortunately, WordsRWeapons is positioned to make finding content services easy, by only employing the best qualified native-speakers who have been fully vetted by us. We guarantee delivery, cost, and quality with our veteran writing staff, so if you are looking to craft a quality message to your clients, you won’t have an easier time than when you contact us today for your customized content solution.



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