3 Ways the Internet Has Changed Writing

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The past few decades have seen incredible leaps in technology and one of the most vital aspects of technological leaps is the Internet. The Internet has revolutionized almost every facet of society, and it has created countless job niches as well as changing the way most jobs are done. One thing that has changed dramatically due to the Internet is writing. Most of what you learned in school no longer applies when it comes to writing in this digital age. Here are three ways the Internet has changed writing. 3 Ways the Internet Has Changed Writing

1. There are not very many formally structured paragraphs in articles on the web. Remember all those days you spent in school learning how to write a perfect thesis, perfect topic sentences, perfect papers with an introduction and conclusion? You can throw all that knowledge out the window if you are writing something for the Internet.

Most people who read on the Internet are looking for something short and informative. They want to be able to absorb all of the information quickly, and this means that great Internet writers use a different formula for writing. Usually, online writers will create shorter paragraphs that are only about three sentences long and only focus on one idea. This makes it simpler for readers and gets the writer more traffic.

2. Online writers do not adhere to one hundred percent proper English. Because Internet writing needs to be simpler and easier for readers to understand quickly, it is better for online writers to use a style that is more conversational. This means that they often write like they talk, and this means that there are many more errors. Most people do not use proper English when they speak.

3. Online writers do not sound pompous as some regular writers can. Typically, people who do not write online use a style that is very formal and can sometimes come across as stuffy. Online writers, however, need to avoid this at all costs.

Readers of online content are looking for easy to digest information. They like writing that is simple, easy to understand, and fun. Not that every writer not writing for the Internet is stuffy and boring, but it is a distinctly different style that does not often lend itself to being loose with language. Online writers can and should break the rules in order to write engaging and meaningful content that will reach a broad audience.

As technology evolves and as use of the Internet becomes even more prevalent than it already is, more and more changes will become apparent when it comes to writing. As it is, the style of online writing is already vastly different from traditional writing. This often gives writers more freedom to express their own unique style. The Internet has given writers an unprecedented opportunity to reach a wide audience and have their writing recognized.



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