June 16, 2014

4 Must Follow Practices For Writing Clickable Web Content

The Internet is full of articles, blogs, websites, and all sorts of other sources of information. Reading through something that seems interesting can quickly reveal that it is not. The lack of great content is a common frustration for readers, and something that writers need to keep in mind if they want to be successful. Writing great content is not easy, but there are some things that you absolutely need to know in order to produce writing that is awesome instead of mediocre. Writing Great Content

1. First of all, your writing should be useful. It should have a purpose. When coming up with a topic for your post, you first need to consider who is going to read the post and who you want to read the post. Then write for that reader. Choose a topic that will solve your reader’s problems, help the reader achieve something, or gain the tools needed to complete an important task. Make your tips practical and easy to follow. Your reader should be able to act on your post right away with minimal effort.

2. Write amazing headlines. The main topic of your post should be reflected by the headline. In addition, the headline needs to grab the reader’s attention and entice him or her to read more. The title is the most important part of your writing because it is the first thing that a reader will see and more often than not it will decide whether the reader continues to read or clicks to a new site.

3. Your post should be scannable. Readers become intimidated by huge chunks of text, and they may decide not to read if they cannot quickly scan your writing and decide that there is something interesting that they should read in more depth. Remember that your reader is a busy person, and he will not devote time to your post if he immediately has to read in depth. All the main points of your post should be easy to scan, and this will entice your reader to return later to read everything in more depth.

4. Write simply. Do not use huge vocabulary word or complicated sentence structures. Explain things plainly so that your reader can easily understand what you are saying without having to reach for a dictionary. Readers especially like writing that is conversational. They feel as if they are being spoken to directly and that there is a conversation that they can be a part of. Avoid jargon, but try to use an engaging and accessible style.

Don’t be one of those writers flooding the Internet with so-so content. Instead, write great content that sticks in reader’s minds. You will be a more successful writer if you can grow your reader base, and growing your reader base begins with writing content that is absolutely amazing.



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