4 Ways to Show Up in Google Search
4 Ways to Show Up in Google Search

4 Ways to Show Up in Google Search

By on Sep 15, 2014 in Blog | 0 comments

By Elena Novak

Whether writing a personal blog or marketing content for a company, every content writer has the same mission: prove your content’s worth to Google. In order to do this and have your site rank highly on Google’s search results, you must tame the bewildering monster that is SEO, or search engine optimization. Here’s how to do it.

1. Use plenty of keywords

When writing a post or article, after you come up with a standout title, repeat the words in your title early and often in your content. Repeating a title keyword phrase in your first paragraph is ideal, since the Google algorithm won’t have to search long and hard to determine how relevant your content is. Repeat that phrase a couple more times, and your content looks tight and focused. Keywords should also be repeated across your site, though not excessively. Be strategic.4 Ways to Show Up in Google Search

2. Make your content searchable

If your content is too obscure, you’re not likely to see it pop up in Google. For instance, if you are writing an article about the best ways to store leftover cake, a title like “The Best Ways to Store Leftover Cake” is your best bet, since that is probably what I am going to search when I have half a cake leftover from my birthday party. Alternatively, “Storing Cake is a Cake Walk” might be an impressive pun, but Google Search won’t be impressed, and the world will miss out on your muse-inspired creativity.

3. Go social media crazy

In order to get the attention of Google, you need your content to stand out. One of the ways to do that is by putting your content out there on as many social media platforms as possible. Send it to friends. Build relationships with other sites that are willing to link to your content. If you interviewed someone for your content, or researched a particular topic, send it to the appropriate people so they can brag about being featured in your work.

4. Create an internal link pyramid

This might be the most important tip, since without it, the rest won’t help much. Another must for getting Google’s attention is being sure each page on your site is connected. Starting with the homepage and spreading outward, all pages and content should link back to the main source. That way, search engine algorithms will have an easy time of traveling through your site, looking for worthy content. Think categories and subcategories.

SEO is a complicated beast, but these tips will ensure you won’t be left out of the search for the Internet’s greatest content.



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