5 Questions to Answer About your Business

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One of the most important aspects of any business is knowing how to sell yourself. You have to set your business apart from the others in a way that doesn’t just have to do with merchandise.  The way you structure your presence to potential customers has the biggest impact on how customers perceive your brand. Here are five essential things to tell people about your business:

 1)  Your Business Story
Every business has a story. How did you create your business, and for what purpose?  Do you have any kind of background in the merchandise you sell? Did you overcome any struggles to get where you are? Do you have any funny anecdotes? Giving customers this insight will humanize your store. Business-story

 2)  Your Employees
Talk about your employees. Do you run the business by yourself?  If so, talk about yourself as the founder. Do you have a team of qualified experts to provide goods or services? Do your employees have any special hobbies or interests? Make sure that the potential clients know that your business is right for them and they will be dealing with friendly people.

 3)  Your Services
No matter what the business, you’re providing some kind of service. Whether you’re selling merchandise or your expertise, you should talk about your services and reasons for providing them. Choose your tone carefully. Don’t sound clinical. Be professional or casual, or a mix of the two. But make it clear that you enjoy providing these services.

4)  Helpful Tips
Having a page (or blog) for helpful tips from your business will help in a variety of ways: it will bring client traffic to your website, promote your business as a leading expert, and give you an edge over your competitors. It also gives visitors the impression that you making helping them a priority. After all, you are giving great information free of charge.

  5)  Your Vision
Where are you planning to take your small business? What dreams do you have for the future?  This is another talk that can humanize you to your potential customers. Remind them that you are a real person dedicated to their well-being and satisfaction. Ask for their input. What related service could you include in the future that would benefit them?

Providing this kind of information will help your customers get to know you in a positive way.



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