May 13, 2014

5 Questions To Ask About Your Ideal Client

When creating a business and targeting advertisements, it’s important to know who you’re looking for. Each business has its own individual clientele. Some niche markets might have a very specific client range, while others might appeal to much larger audiences. Before you start creating content for your business, ask yourself these five questions:

1)  Who is your client?
What hobbies, interests, needs, or skills will prompt your client to your business? What is their likely backstory or age and range? What kind of marketing techniques will apply to them? Your typical client is a person with fears and hopes and dreams. Tailoring your business to suit their individuality will help set you apart. Ideal-Client

2)  What does your client’s schedule look like?
What does your client do on a typical day? What kinds of problems and obstacles will they overcome? What hobbies and interests might they have, and what lines of work might they be involved in?

3)  What does your client care about?
It’s important to know what your client cares about in order to ascertain your approach. There will be certain things that drive a typical client, different motivations and desires. When you have a fuller picture of your client’s personality and cares in mind, you can tailor your marketing to suit their needs.

4)  What needs does your client have?
Why will your client come to your business in the first place? What can your business do for them?  Most people have needs that they reach out to businesses or other groups for.  Your business provides unique merchandise or a unique service.  Learn about the needs of your clients and tailor your business to suit them.

5.  What does your business offer to the client?
This is one of the most important questions to ask yourself. When selling your services to your potential client, you need to convince them that your business is better than the competition. Is it affordability?  Quality?  Experience?  Each individual product and service will have a different clientele, and you need to know what will attract customers to your business. Following this, you can put together a sales pitch that will draw in the widest audience possible.



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