5 Reasons Blogs Still Matter (Are Blogs the New Blah? Are Blogs Blather?)

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Pick a topic, any topic. Type it in a search engine box, press enter and up pops a blog. No matter how obscure or bizarre a subject may be, someone is writing about it. If a theme is popular, hundreds of bloggers fling their opinions into the internet mix. In fact, you’re reading a blog right now: a blog about blogging. Has the internet gotten so saturated with this kind of content that businesses should stop writing blogs? Are blogs worth the time and effort we put into them?


Why do blogs still matter, despite the fact everyone has one? Let’s look at some concrete reasons. Blogs

1.      It gives your company its voice. The best salespeople know that the most valuable customers are acquired through relationship. A blog humanizes a company. You can tell your backstory, talk about your employees, your charitable or green initiatives, or comment on national events. It also reassures customers that you are ethical, customer driven, and focused on more than the bottom line.

2.      It solidifies you and your brand. Writing about your products or services in a more casual way effectively promotes your brand without the stigma of a hard-sell approach. You are having a conversation about something you passionately believe in. After all, if you aren’t enthusiastic about your brand, why should a customer be?

3.      It connects you with potential customers. It also reinforces connections with current customers and keeps communication open with other businesses. A well written blog provokes thought and response. It’s a conversation, not a presentation. You become the approachable go-to expert to answer questions, and the trusted source when it is time to purchase.

4.      It keeps you at the top of your game. Having to produce top-quality, meaningful content makes you stay informed about the latest news in your area of expertise. Any trends, developments, or newsworthy changes should all be discussed in your blog. You may even score free PR when journalists interview you as an expert in your field.

5.      It makes the Google god happy. In terms of SEO and content marketing strategy, blogs rank high in a Googlebot’s mind as content that establishes you as an expert in your field and provides quality information for search results. It is one of the least expensive marketing strategies you can invest in.

So are blogs dead? By no means. A well-written blog will reap rewards short-term and long-term. It’s  an investment worth making.



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