5 reasons content is still king
5 reasons content is still king

5 reasons content is still king

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“…I spent over $3000 on this website!” shouted the frustrated business guy. “Widgets, fancy graphics and video and nothing has changed…”

A pretty web page it was. But traffic did not come.

We’ve heard it many times, unfortunately. It’s a tough lesson to learn. Yes, 2014 brought in a lot of changes, new trends and cool innovations. But one thing remains the same.  5 reasons content is still king

Content is still king.

And right now, the biz owners who are running the right type of content are raking in the dough. New customers keep flowing in. More subscribers keep signing up. More clicks and more sales. (A LOT) more money in their bank accounts. They understand the value of content and how to use it to reel in their audience on a daily basis.

There are 5 reasons content is still king:

1.       People will always value words over fancy website graphics: People are on your website to get some information. And yes, that widget you downloaded looks great on your site, but if it isn’t going to inform your audience, the likelihood is that people will eventually look the other way.

2.       Content has the potential to solve people’s problems: People are coming to your site most likely to look for a solution to their problem. Are you able to speak to what they’re looking for?

3.       Great content will always help with your SEO situation: Let’s face it, you want to get found on the search engines, and if you don’t have consistent content on or about your website flowing, how are they going to find you?

4.       Content can create a long lasting relationship: When you communicate with your base, they come back for more. The right type of content can keep them coming back consistently.

5.       Content drives sales: It’s that simple. Business owners on the web who know how to craft the right content will always have an advantage over the competition.

Isn’t it time you got an advantage?

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Once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll simply plug you into our process.

Our wordsmiths work around the clock, delivering content that drives your type of audience to your website.

So, here’s the first step, now that you know why content is king. Click the link below and take a look at our professional services. See what WordsRWeapons can do for you.



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