5 reasons the right words add value

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Right-WordsSplash a scrolling banner across the top of your website’s home page; make a cartoon character dance and sing; get that button to flash on and off sixty times per minute; post an image to intrigue or shock. That’s what a website needs to get attention!

Well, the site may get attention, but it won’t get results. Often we make so much of website design that we overlook the content, but in the end, content rules. So why do the right words make your website a much more valuable tool and resources for your company?

1.      The words speak to people. In the end, your customers are people, not googlebots. They want to know that somewhere in your company there are active people as well, not just automated processes manned by bored employees pressing buttons and watching the clock.

2.      You and your brand become the authority figures. Putting the right content in the right place written the right way helps establish you as an expert to site visitors, both the real people and the googlebots. When the time comes to make the purchase, you will be remembered and sought out.

3.      You can sell without pitching. Somehow when we think someone is trying to sell us something, our defenses go up. Think of the stereotype of the used car salesman, using pitches and sugar coating to pass of a rust-bucket as a Mercedes. We don’t want to be conned. The content on your site can offer information in a conversational or businesslike style that sails past defenses.

4.      Customers can tell you listen. The content on your site reveals how much you actually know about your customers’ needs and wants and how willing you are to help solve them. Are you simply listing attributes of your product because that’s a quick and easy informational space filler, or do you show the customer how a particular problem is solved?

5.      Search engines gobble up good content. The first point is still true: write for people before you write for search engines. But you can’t ignore the reality of getting your site to show up in results. And search engines are ravenous for high-quality content that is relevant to search terms. When they crawl around your site, they are reading your content.

Every part of your website should not only engage a visitor, but convince them that your brand is the best. The written content is no exception. It deserves the same attention as the actual design elements.



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