5 Reasons Writing is a Passion, Not a Job
5 Reasons Writing is a Passion, Not a Job

5 Reasons Writing is a Passion, Not a Job

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The Internet is making it easier and easier for anyone to become a writer and earn some money. What some people do not realize, though, is that writing is not a job. It is a passion. Great writers have a love for words and are able to communicate their passion to readers. This makes them more enjoyable to read. Here are five reasons writing is a passion, not a job.

1. Passion makes you a perfectionist. How many times have you clicked on a link and read an article or blog riddled with grammatical errors? Many people who write for a job do not have the knowledge or the care to check the mechanics of their writing. People who are passionate about writing will make their writing perfect and professional. 5 Reasons Writing is a Passion, Not a Job

2. Great writing comes from the heart. If you are only writing for a job, chances are that you are not connecting to your subject matter. While you may still be a competent writer, you probably also come across as a bit of a robot. Writers who are passionate about writing are able to transfer those feelings into their writing. This makes their work more intense and enjoyable for readers.

3. People who are passionate about writing come up with better ideas of what to write about. When you love writing, everything becomes inspiration. You can look out your window and write a short story in your head about the random people walking by. This creativity come from a love of stories, and people who are passionate about writing want to share the stories. They can relate more to their work as a writer and come up with better ideas.

4. Critics will hurt you. They will always have something negative to say. If you are passionate about writing, then you are more likely to either ignore the criticism and continue writing or learn from it and improve your writing. When you write only as a job, it is easier to just not care whereas a passionate writer will take the criticism to heart and make improvements that will better their overall writing in the long run.

5. People who are passionate about writing will stick with it. No matter how many years go by, these people will continue to write and improve their writing. They will feel a sense of fulfillment every time they finish a piece, long or short. They will always find joy and comfort in writing. No matter where they go, they will see the world in a different way and be able to communicate to other people exactly what they are thinking or feeling.

Passion separates the great writers from those who are simply adequate. With the number of writers growing due to the ease of creating content on the Internet, it is essential to keep in mind that the writing that will stand the test of time is that done by the people who are able to communicate their passion through their writing.



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