5 Secrets for Topping Search Lists

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When you publish something online people need to be able to find it. In fact, you want to have the link to your page come up as close to the top of the search list as possible. This maximizes your chances to have someone click on the link. Many people, however, struggle with knowing how to increase their chances of being ranked high on the search list. Here are five secrets for topping search lists that will help you to get more traffic and a wider audience. 5 Secrets for Topping Search Lists

1. Don’t optimize your site for the search engines. Optimize it for your target audience. Many people focus too much on the search engine rather than the people who use the search engine. If your site is focused on your target audience, then chances are that there will be more keywords that your target audience will type into a search bar and more of a chance that your site will pop to the top of the search engine.

2. Research your keyword phrases. You may think your readers are searching for certain phrases when in fact they are not. Finding out which words and phrases they typically type into search bars is essential for getting your page to the top. Pick a few keywords and phrases most relevant to your work and put a few on each page of your site. Try to make these phrases as unique as possible and stay away from generalized keywords.

3. Incorporate your keywords and keyword phrases into the titles on your pages. This makes these words stand out more and draws more attention from search engines. Titles are given more weight in search engines, so your phrases and keywords are more likely to be picked up if they are in the titles rather than the content. That is not to say they shouldn’t be in the content also, but the title is better.

4. Make your site link worthy. One of the major ways to generate traffic is to have other sites link to yours, and this is critical to a successful search engine optimization strategy. Search engines place a lot of emphasis on your site’s link popularity, so the more sites that link to yours, the better off you will be.

5. Don’t be set on one keyword or one keyword phrase. Be prepared to switch things up if something is not working. Flexibility and experimentation are key when it comes to finding a balance of search engine optimization strategies that will work for you.

It might take a while to notice results, but if you follow the five secrets for topping search lists discussed above, then you will start to see an increase in your traffic. It will be more and more easy for readers to come across your site when they browse the Internet or use a search engine, so you will get a bigger audience.



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