5 Secrets to Writing Better Blogs
5 Secrets to Writing Better Blogs

5 Secrets to Writing Better Blogs

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One of the best ways to get recognition as a writer is to start a blog. Blogs are quick, easy, free, and they can reach a wide audience. Many writers were able to get their start by blogging. Of course, there are some tricks to writing great blogs that people will keep coming back to read. Here are five secrets for writing better blogs. 5 Secrets to Writing Better Blogs

1. Eye catching title

No one is going to click on a link or go to your blog if you do not grab their attention with a phenomenal title. An eye catching title is essential for generating traffic and getting people to visit your blog. Not only does your blog itself need to have a memorable title so that people can find it, but each article needs to have a great title so that people actually want to read it.

2. In text links to landing pages

Your blog is an opportunity for people to explore more of the Internet. Therefore, you need in text links to landing pages. These links will take readers to other sites and make it easier for them to get more information. In this way, your blog becomes necessary to readers because it helps them reach more of the information that they want and need.

3. Call to action

While there are many blogs out there written purely for entertainment, you will get more of an emotional response out of your readers if you include a call to action. When your readers are emotionally invested, they are much more likely to come back and continue reading. They are also more likely to recommend your blog to their friends and family. This will generate more traffic for you in the long run.

4. Social sharing buttons

Everyone loves being able to share the things that they like with their friends, family, acquaintances, and strangers. Social media allows us to share more of our lives than ever before. Take advantage of this when you are writing your blog and include prominent social sharing buttons.

5. Relevancy

No one wants to read a blog that is pointless. Therefore, your blog should be relevant to some aspect of life that people can relate to. If people do not find your blog relevant, then they will leave and never come back. If you are having trouble thinking of relevant posts, then look for trending keywords and try to write something that involves those. Look for recent news stories and comment on them. Critique a film or novel. Whatever you choose, make sure you are writing content that people want or need.



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