6 Quick and Easy Ways to Become a Better Writer
6 Quick and Easy Ways to Become a Better Writer

6 Quick and Easy Ways to Become a Better Writer

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Any writer knows that there are countless sources for finding out how to be a better writer. Unfortunately, most of these involve some study into improving grammar or a strict regimen of writing exercises designed to open your mind and expand your thought processes. But what about those of us who are juggling full time jobs, families, and life in general while trying to keep up with writing? We don’t necessarily have the time to retake a writing class. Luckily there are six quick and easy ways to become a better writer.

1. Start with a story. This doesn’t necessarily mean a whole narrative, but if you use an anecdote that people can connect to, then you are more likely to keep their attention. When people can read your opening paragraph and think of a time in their own life when they have been in the same situation they will want to continue reading to see what you have to say on the matter.

2. Experiment with different point of views. Try changing up your writing by using first person one day, second person the next day, and third person on another day. This is a very quick way to become more comfortable with the different points of view that you can use in writing and will help you find your own unique writing voice. 6 Quick and Easy Ways to Become a Better Writer

3. Talk through your writing. For most people, talking comes more naturally than writing. Talking through what you want to say beforehand can help you writer more fluidly and concisely. Record yourself speaking and listen to it several times. Then write what you have said. Read through your writing out loud to hear how it sounds.

4. Begin with the end in mind. Write the ending first so you know exactly where you are planning to go. Write out your call to action or the point you are trying to make and then explain it or support it. When you know where you are going, it is easier to write how to get there.

5. Write about what you know. Don’t spend a lot of time trying to learn new things just so you can write about them. Instead, take the things that you are familiar with and that are perhaps painfully obvious to you. Chances are that there is someone out there who is looking for just the sort of knowledge that you can provide.

6. Use more links. Make a point in your writing, and then provide a link for your readers to go and get more information on their own. You are not expected to reinvent the wheel and provide information on everything. In addition, readers like being able to go to other sites and other sources to verify what you are saying. So make it easier for them and easier for you!

You may not have time to completely overhaul your writing and spend hours and hours making improvements, but these six tips will help you quickly and easily become a better writer.



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