June 6, 2014

6 Secrets from Master Writers

Writing professionally may seem like an easy and glamorous career. After all, you get to work from wherever you want, write about whatever you want, and rake in the dough. Right? Master writers will tell you that there is a lot more to writing than that. Here are six secrets from master writers that you need to know before you consider writing as a career. 6 Secrets from Master Writers

1. Writing is hard. Contrary to popular belief, writing involves a lot more than just word vomiting all over a piece of paper. Getting started is difficult, and having the willpower to get through an entire project is very difficult. This is why there are not more professional writers in the world. After you start, you realize just how difficult it is.

2. Everyone procrastinates. You may think that it is just you and it is the only thing holding you back, but the truth is that everyone does it. Every master writer will tell you that there has been some day when he or she has looked at the computer screen and not felt like writing a single word. Successful writers, however, push themselves to write anyway.

3. The first draft is always garbage. There is no exception to this. You may think it is brilliant work, but set it aside for a week and then read it again. You will realize how crappy it really is. This is why writers do so many drafts. It takes a long time to write something that is actually fit for other people to read.

4. Nothing is ever “finished.” No matter how many times you revise your drafts, they will always be drafts. At some point, someone will push you to share your work. You will publish it, but it will still be a draft. There are always improvements that you can make.

5. Writers write because they are obsessed. Remember back to your days in school. Did you enjoy writing five paragraph essays? Believe it or not, some people actually live for those assignments. Those people are writers, and they will continue to write because they are obsessed with words.

6. Money matters. Most people will not make a career out of writing, but there are a few out there who know how to write to make money. This does not involve writing the next great American novel. In fact, most of these people will never be New York Times Bestselling authors with their own table at Barnes and Noble. They will, however, be able to live off of their writing.

If you are thinking of becoming a writer, then consider these six secrets from master writers first. There is a lot more that goes into writing than most people think. It is a grueling process, and very few people are actually cut out for it.



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