6 Ways to Write Titles that Make Readers Stop in Their Tracks

6 Ways to Write Titles that Make Readers Stop in Their Tracks

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The title is arguably the most important aspect of your writing. After all, the title is the first thing that a potential reader sees, and it determines whether or not they will continue to read rather than simply look somewhere else. This is why every title you come up with needs to be mind-blowing and attention grabbing. There are a lot of other places that people can go to read, especially on the Internet. Keep in mind these 6 ways to write title that make readers stop in their tracks.

1. Mention a celebrity

People love learning about their favorite celebrities, and a title with a name in it is a great way to grab attention. Try to make a connection between a celebrity and a topic that is not too obvious. This will get readers’ attentions because they will want to learn how such a connection can be made. Learning something new about a favorite celebrity is a great way to grab a reader’s attention.    6-ways-to-write-titles

2. Make a Top 10 list

People are very busy, and they don’t always have time to sit down and read a full article. Putting a specific number in your title gives readers an idea of how long it will be and how much time they can expect to spend reading. This makes it more convenient for people and more likely that they will read on. This is essential when it comes to writing because more people will continue to read what you are writing.

3. Phrase the title as a question

A question is interesting because it demands an answer. By phrasing your title as a question, you promise readers that you will provide the answer. This captures attention because readers are typically looking for answers, or they may just want to see whether or not you are correct.

4. Reveal a secret

Nothing is more tantalizing to a reader than promising to let them in on a secret. It makes the reader feel like he or she shares something that is not widely known. A title that states that you will reveal a secret tells readers that there is something important in your article that not many people know. This is almost irresistible to click away from.

5. Explain a myth

Like revealing a secret, explaining a myth tells the reader that you will be imparting some little known knowledge. Readers who are keen to learn more about a subject area will jump at the chance to get ahead of the curve. There are countless myths and a plethora of false information out there that you can debunk for your readers.

6. Explain how to do something

A “How To” article is one of the most popular for people to read. Readers love learning to do new things, and a comprehensive list of the steps needed to accomplish something is exactly what many people are looking for when they go online. After all, the Internet provides almost limitless knowledge, and a how to article is the perfect way to share what you know with the world.



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