7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog… NOW
7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog… NOW

7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog… NOW

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You’ve been told you need a blog, but why?  It’s a lot of work to maintain and generate consistent content.  So what’s the added bonus?  Well, here are five reasons running a blog may change your mind.

1. Blogging Establishes Friendship

Instead of corporate speak and always sounding like you’re selling, blogging gives you a more intimate, 7 Reasons Your Business Needs A Blog… NOWconversational voice. Nowadays, social media is all about building relationships.  Instead of being confined to a 140 character tweet, start a blog to bring your voice and personality to customer interactions.

2. Blogging Builds Trust

It’s safe to say most people don’t like salesmen.  They don’t want to be chatted up, pressured, even coerced into buying something.  But blogging eliminates all of those uncomfortable moments.  Have your CEO blog about some helpful tips or insider secrets.  Make him or her a real, trusted, relatable person.  Then when your customers are ready to buy, they feel like they know and trust you.

3. Blogging Is Free Marketing

If you don’t have the cash for newspaper ads, TV, Google Adwords or Facebook, start blogging!  If you create good, useful content, people will share it.  Your message will begin to spread.  Others will hear about your company and services… and it’s all done for FREE.

4. Your Blog Content Can Make You Money

Yes, you give away your blog content for free, but many smart marketers take a bunch of their content and bundle it into an ebook or digital course.  After generating great content for a year or so, there’s nothing to stop you from bundling it into a saleable item down the line.

5. Blogging Gives You Content For Your Social Media

A lot of companies throw money to “social media managers.”  They post to your count, share articles, pictures etc.  However, your social media will be that much powerful if you’re sharing YOUR content… and you can do it for free. Instead of paying someone to manage your accounts, post your blogs to your social media and the engagement and interaction with your customers should follow.

6. Blogging Builds Communities

Yes, you want to reach your customers through your blog, but you’re also building a community of like-minded people.  Your posts can open the door to an entire new world of business connections across the country.

7. Blogging will build your list

When you blog, people subscribe to your blog.  Automatically, you start building your list, and if you’re an online business, you know how important a list is.   You can use that list to continue to build relationships and make sales later on.

However, if you’re already over-worked, and have no time for blogging, we get it.  Contact us today for more about our writing services.



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