7 Secrets to Eye Catching Titles
7 Secrets to Eye Catching Titles

7 Secrets to Eye Catching Titles

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The title of anything your write is the most important part of your writing. It is the first thing that readers see, and it is your only chance to capture enough of their attention to keep them reading until the end. For this reason, your titles need to be exceptional. Here are seven secrets to eye catching titles that will grab readers’ attention so they stop to read your articles rather than just ignoring them and clicking somewhere else. 7 Secrets to Eye Catching Titles

1. Write a “How To” title. Readers like to know right away what they are going to be getting into when they click on a link. A “How To” title tells them that they are going to get useful information that they can immediately implement.

2. Use the word “secret” somewhere in your title. Readers like to know that they are going to be given information that is not commonly known. They like to feel as if they are a part of something or on the inside. Informing your readers that you are going to tell them a secret is a great way to catch their interest and keep them engaged.

3. Debunk some myths. People love to read about common knowledge that is not true and how it was discovered not to be true. These types of articles make great conversation pieces. They are excellent for sharing around the water cooler, so readers love to talk about them.

4. Ask a question with your title. Then answer it in your article. The question gets your readers interested to find out the answer and will encourage them to keep reading. Try to ask a question that many people, especially people in your target audience, want to know the answer to.

5. Use numbers to create a list. Readers love these kinds of titles because they immediately let the reader know what the article is about as well as how long it is. These articles are also easy to read because they are organized neatly. Readers know that they can scan the article to get the main ideas and decide if they want to read more in depth later.

6. Write a “How I Did It” title. Telling a story about your own life, especially a story that can give readers a model of how to achieve something, will immediately engage your writers. Not only does it help them connect and relate to you, but it also gives them information on how to be successful at something.

7. Drop a celebrity name. Celebrities instantly catch the attention of readers, so using a name in your title will get readers to stop their browsing and pay attention.

Your title is just a few words, but they are the most important words in your article. Without a great title, your readers will move on. Making sure you have a fantastic title is well worth some extra thought.



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