7 Ways to Come Up with Fresh Content
7 Ways to Come Up with Fresh Content

7 Ways to Come Up with Fresh Content

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Every writer has been there. Staring at a blank screen with the seconds ticking away the time to a rapidly approaching deadline. And yet no ideas for fresh content come into your head. You are stuck and in hot water if you don’t come up with something soon. Coming up with new things to write about is one of the biggest challenges to being a writer. Writers block and lack of inspiration are daily struggles, so here are seven ways to come up with fresh content when you are completely stuck.  7 Ways to Come Up with Fresh Content

1. Check out Pinterest. This website is full of pictures, quotes, and great ideas that are sure to get your creative juices flowing again. Even if you do not find something specific to write about, taking a break for a little bit can get your brain going in the right direction.

2. Live a little. Check out some new movies, books, or live acts in your area. Go out for a concert or show. Dine at a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try. Go for a walk in the park. Sometimes all it takes to be inspired is to get out of the house and away from the computer for a little bit.

3. Survey your readers. Ask your readers if there is anything that they are struggling with or any questions that they would like to ask. Connecting with your readers like this not only gives you something to write about, but it also encourages them to share your posts.

4. Write a review. Find out what the latest fad is and jump on the bandwagon for a little bit. Check it out and then let your readers know what you think. Be honest, and try to put an interesting spin on things. Make your thoughts unique so you stand out from other reviewers.

5. Write about someone you admire. Whether it is a famous historical figure or your own mother, write a post about this person. Explain why you admire them and how they influenced your life. Share their story with the world.

6. Do your friends ask you for help with things often? Write some articles offering advice for common problems. Try to communicate your own unique viewpoint on something that people deal with every day.

7. Do a rant. Write about what bothers you about your topic or industry. But do not leave your post with an angsty tone. Instead, offer some possible solutions to the problem. Get your readers involved by asking them to post ideas in the comments.

If you are ever feeling stuck coming up with ideas to write about, then think about these seven ways to come up with fresh content. Your fingers will be flying over the keyboard in no time!



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