Amazon Needs More Positive PR to Distinguish Fire Phone
Amazon Needs More Positive PR to Distinguish Fire Phone

Amazon Needs More Positive PR to Distinguish Fire Phone

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For a few years now, Amazon has been making a very successful effort to break into the hardware industry by offering top of the line products that rival technology leaders Macintosh and Microsoft. The highly anticipated release of the new Fire Phone, however, has caused consumers some confusion due to the similarities in appearance between the Fire Phone and the iPhone. Amazon needs to use more positive PR to distinguish its new Fire Phone from the established iPhone.  Amazon Needs More Positive PR to Distinguish Fire Phone

Most people are familiar with Amazon as a convenient online marketplace where people can buy products and compare prices to find the best deal available as well as selling their own items. Amazon eventually overshadowed Ebay as the premiere online marketplace, and now the company has set its sights on the technology hardware market.

Amazon began by introducing the Kindle. Originally, this device was designed like the Nook and was mainly used for reading, but the Kindle Fire took things up a notch and boasted features similar to the Apple iPad while being a fraction of the price. Realizing that tablets were on the rise and continue to grow in popularity, Amazon very wisely jumped on the bandwagon and created a competitive product.

Consumers who purchased the Kindle Fire generally liked it but said that it was more utilitarian than the iPad in appearance as well as function. It did not have as many features. This is not necessarily a bad thing. For people who need a reasonably priced device that will get the job done without the extra bells and whistles, Amazon products have proven to be the perfect option.

The Fire Phone has drifted away from this utilitarian appearance and instead models the appearance of the iPhone. While this could prove to be a great marketing move for people who want the look of an iPhone without paying for an iPhone, many consumers are already disappointed. These people thought they would get a unique product that would serve its purpose without trying to be anything more and instead they got an iPhone clone.

Although Amazon has been very successful at marketing their products to be cheaper versions of Apple and Microsoft products, it is time for the company to focus PR on the differences and advantages of a Fire Phone. Amazon needs to bring focus away from the similarities between the Fire Phone and the iPhone and bring attention to the unique features of their new phone. Consumers are ready for something other than the standard smartphone options offered by the dominant technology companies, and the success with the Kindle Fire has proven this.

Time will tell if the appearance of the Fire Phone as an iPhone clone will work against it. Amazon needs to realize that consumers do not necessarily want a phone that is the same as every other phone on the market. Instead, they want something functional, fresh, and new. Amazon needs to focus its PR campaign on the features of the Fire Phone that will make it stand out from the competition.



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