Become a More Versatile Writer by Changing Your Voice
Become a More Versatile Writer by Changing Your Voice

Become a More Versatile Writer by Changing Your Voice

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Every writer has a distinct voice, a style that is uniquely their own. Very successful writers are able to change this voice in response to different writing situations. This means that they are able to write more and gain more followers. Changing your writing voice is by no means simple, but it makes it possible for you to write in different genres or about different content that will make you a much more versatile writer. Try some of these strategies for changing your writing voice.

First of all, you cannot change your writing voice or style if you do not know what it is. Take some time to discover the distinct style of your writing. Do you prefer long or short sentences? Do you use a lot of conjunctions? Do you like to use lots of adjectives to describe different things, or do you like to make comparisons with metaphors and similes? These are all questions that you can ask to determine your personal style of writing.     Become a More Versatile Writer by Changing Your Voice

Read a lot in the style that you are trying to adopt or mimic. One of the best ways to become familiar with a new voice is to completely immerse yourself into that style. For example, if you are trying to write a news piece, then it is a good idea to read many articles in that style before beginning. If you are trying to write something comedic or satirical, then find some examples to read first.

Pay attention to your language. Although the Internet makes it possible to share articles across the globe, there is still a distinct difference in language between different regions that speak the same language. British English is very different from American English. Knowing which parts of your language are regional can help you to make simple changes that will change your voice and make you seem like a whole new writer.

Understand the current slang. Although most formal writing prohibits using slang, it is useful if you are planning a more casual piece. In addition, this is another aspect of language that is very easy to change for different situations. Throwing in a few slang terms can completely change your voice as well as the style and tone of a piece that you are writing. Depending on the mood, you can make your work more emotionally appealing to readers by adding the appropriate slang. Knowing how to use slang and when it is appropriate makes you a more versatile writer.

Finally, it is important to practice writing in different styles and voices. You will never improve if you don’t practice. Most writers have a specific kind of writing that is their comfort zone. The best thing that you can do to improve your writing overall as well as change your voice is to write outside of this comfort zone. Make a list of topics, genres, and styles that you are completely unfamiliar with. Do some research and then write some short pieces for your eyes only to practice writing in a different way. Compare your work against examples. Remember that changing your writing voice takes a lot of work, and keep practicing until you are able to write in several different styles. Being a versatile writer means more opportunities and more success.



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