Coca-Cola Responds to Decade Long Decline with Positive PR Push

Recent years have seen a distinct shift in American mentality. While there is still the concept of “bigger is better,” many Americans are no longer applying this to the food and drink that they consumer. With obesity levels at such an extreme high, many people are becoming concerned and taking […]

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Banish Writer’s Block

Submitted by Guest Writer E. Adam Porter Many, if not most prospective writers are born storytellers. Sergeant Friday would hate us because we rarely, if ever, stick to “just the facts, ma’am.” We love to recite even the simplest activity in narrative form. Whether it be grocery list or childhood […]

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Ford responds to recent PR crisis with decisive action

Gas prices are continuing to soar, and consumers are becoming more and more aware of how much gas they are purchasing. This has made it increasingly important for new cars coming on the market to boast high miles per gallon so that drivers can get the most out of each […]

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Amazon Needs More Positive PR to Distinguish Fire Phone

For a few years now, Amazon has been making a very successful effort to break into the hardware industry by offering top of the line products that rival technology leaders Macintosh and Microsoft. The highly anticipated release of the new Fire Phone, however, has caused consumers some confusion due to […]

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Slaying the Dialogue Monster

So you need to write dialogue. Whether you’re setting out to pen a short story, video script, or some other form of media, making the way people speak sound natural and yet still effectively promote your message can be a daunting task. Chances are, you’ll run into the Dialogue Monster […]

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