Former Porter Novelli President Resurfaces at Mercer

Julie Winskie has joined Mercer as a partner and global branding and communications leader. Winskie brings 25 years of experience gained at Porter Novelli as global president, thus making her a valuable addition to the firm.   Winskie specializes in strategy, marketing, and business development – qualities that are sure […]

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6 Secrets from Master Writers

Writing professionally may seem like an easy and glamorous career. After all, you get to work from wherever you want, write about whatever you want, and rake in the dough. Right? Master writers will tell you that there is a lot more to writing than that. Here are six secrets […]

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5 Questions To Ask About Your Ideal Client

When creating a business and targeting advertisements, it’s important to know who you’re looking for. Each business has its own individual clientele. Some niche markets might have a very specific client range, while others might appeal to much larger audiences. Before you start creating content for your business, ask yourself […]

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How To Choose The Right Writer For Your Project

While every writer can crank out a decently written article or blog post on just about any simple subject, the longer a writer works, the more comfortable they get working in some arenas rather than others.

The question you must ask yourself as someone looking to hire a writer, is exactly what sort of writer you need to get your project taken care of. What we have found here at WordsRWeapons is that more often than not most clients have a mistaken idea about what sort of writer they actually need. As is often the case, trying to get writers whom specialize in high-end content to write basic articles is a lot like hiring an engineer to change a light-bulb – very expensive overkill.

Worse, believing you need a basic article writer to draft your marketing content is akin to asking your plumber to build you a race-car. While your plumber may be handy, building a race-car requires a completely different skill-set, and the same goes for crafting marketing copy. Below we’ll go over some of the types of writers you’ll likely need, and what sorts of projects they’re best equipped to handle.

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Top 3 Reasons Why Some Writers Are More Expensive Than Others

It’s a very common story; you put an ad out looking for freelance writers, and the quotes from your project range from a few cents per word to hundreds of dollars. Maybe it might make sense if you are talking about a rush job, but the length of time writers […]

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