Coca-Cola Responds to Decade Long Decline with Positive PR Push
Coca-Cola Responds to Decade Long Decline with Positive PR Push

Coca-Cola Responds to Decade Long Decline with Positive PR Push

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Recent years have seen a distinct shift in American mentality. While there is still the concept of “bigger is better,” many Americans are no longer applying this to the food and drink that they consumer. With obesity levels at such an extreme high, many people are becoming concerned and taking more ownership of their health. This is made easier by greater access to organic and higher quality food items. One company that has not benefited from this shift, however, is Coca-Cola. The company plans to turn this around with a positive PR push. Coca-Cola Responds to Decade Long Decline with Positive PR Push

For decades, soda was the first choice of beverage for many Americans. Sales nearly doubled during the 1970’s alone. New flavors were constantly being put out. Now, however, people are more aware of the health problems that drinking excessive amounts of soda can cause. This has led soda companies like Coca-Cola to try to address this problem.

Coca-Cola tried to jump on the calorie awareness bandwagon with products like Coke Zero, a zero calorie alternative to its regular beverage. Though this was successful at first, it eventually backfired when the effects of aspartame became known. Instead of using sugar that is high in calories, Coke Zero and other similar products used aspartame, an artificial sweetener that comes with a plethora of health problems from long term use.

In the past, soda companies have ignored the public outcry over the unhealthiness of their beverages. As sales continue to plummet, however, this is something that can no longer fall by the wayside. In an attempt to bolster sales, Coke has embarked on a new advertising campaign meant to put the company in a positive light in the public eye.

First of all, there is no more denying or ignoring the health risks in drinking excessive amounts of soda. Instead, there is a focus on moderation. Anything can be unhealthy if a person has too much of it. Soda companies no longer fight against the health trend, but try to work with it to promote exercise, moderation, and fizzy treats.

Coca-Cola has also tried to improve its public image by reaching out to individual consumers. This may seem like an impossible task for a company that sells its product to millions of people around the world, but Coke has accomplished it. To connect to its consumers, the company has begun printing names on its cans of soda. This gives people the opportunity to drink a soda that literally has their name on it. The campaign has been successful so far and has helped improve public relations for the company.

PR is essential for every business out there. Though Coca-Cola has been struggling against negative public attention for a decade, the company has managed to earn the affection of consumers with an advertising campaign that places consumer names right on their product. Though this might not lead to long-term success, it is still a step in the direction that companies need to take when it comes to public outreach.



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