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Content Writing- Interesting or Informative?

Content Writing- Interesting or Informative?

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A frequent question that plagues many writers and business owners is regarding whether content writing should be interesting or informative.

The answer is Both, content writing should be both interesting and informative, if you want to keep the interest of your readers.

It is a highly desired to have a writer that can capture your readers interests and yet still be informative about your product. It’s nothing worse than finding a product you’re interested in buying, then reading a long article, getting bored, and then losing interest because the writer was too technical.  Content Writing

The other side of the coin, is when you have someone who can be very interesting and gain your interests but then, that’s it. You don’t want your content writing to leave readers feeling like “Being Left High and Dry”, “All Talk but nothing to back it up”, “All potatoes and No Meat”.

So What’s the Best Approach?

The Best approach to content writing is finding a balance between informing and entertaining. As a writer, your approach should always be directed by the needs of your readers.

If you are writing for a medical product, you will want to connect with the readers emotional needs of improved health. You can keep their interests by telling a personal story or experience that your reader can connect with.

After you have their emotional interest, you can relay the technical information and educate them on what your product and service can do for them. With this type of combination approach, you will win over your readers with content that will connect with them in heart and mind.

There are 3 Important tips, to use in your content writing to be informative and still interesting for your readers to stay engaged and wanting more.

Tip #1: You want your content to First be helpful to your readers.

Take time to inform your readers of how your product or service can benefit them in some kind of way.  The trick is…Learning how to let your reader know in Ten words or less.

Your headline should be an Attention getter and attract the types of customers that you are looking for to sell your products. After you get their attention, you need to keep it by connecting to their emotional needs and problems. Your Job is to Help your Readers.

Tip # 2: Target Market using SEO

You need to assert yourself or business as an expert in the industry and become relevant in the eyes of your target market. Use keyword rich phrases for search engine optimization throughout your content, while still being interesting, and catchy. Keep a natural feel to your writings with a organized flow to keep readers engaged. Know your target market before you write Any content.

Tip #3: Write to Become Viral

Make sure when writing your content to aspire to become viral. Social media has become an effective tool for content writers to reach massive amounts of readers and to become an “Overnight Sensation”.

When you promote your content, use engaging descriptions that connect with your readers emotions. Take advantage of social media platforms and tools to analyze, monitor, and track your results.



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