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Copy vs Content – What’s the difference?

Copy vs Content – What’s the difference?

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No matter if you are a Freelance writer looking for work or a Business owner looking for a writer….

You need to know what is Copy and Content and also the differences between them.

Some writers may be great at producing good solid copy but may miss the mark on producing content. The same applies vice versa and for business owners as well.

Ultimately, the goal of the sale or the gain of a new customer can be lost, simply by not knowing the difference between Copy and Content, as well as, how and when to use them during the Sales process.

In order to be Successful online,  knowledge of the differences between Copy and  Content is required from both the Writer and the Business.

Why Copy?


Copy is what converts sales and calls for Action to potential customers.

Copy is like your Sales Marketing Agent and they are the ones that will advertise for you. Copy can be Headlines in articles or email subject lines that will get attention and market the product or services.

It could be social media updates, Subscribe Now requests, and blog posts to people to buy your product. For a business or website, it could be the “About Us” page.

You want your Copy to tell everyone what they need to know about your brand or product and to make them want to buy from you. It should hook them so you can reel them in, and you also want it to keep them around too.

Why Content?


Content is what educates, informs and even sometimes entertains people.  copy vs content

Content will secure the sale with trust and build the rapport with potential clients. Content is Like the Manager or CEO of a company, it gives the credibility, knowledge, and reputation for you.

Content can be a helpful How-to article, press releases, videos, or product descriptions that are shared on social media.

You want content to help people to find you and make you credible. Think about an article or video that went viral on Social media and that’s some good content that worked.

Copy vs Content


Ok, so You understand the differences, but not sure when to use them or can you use both.

People want a writer to understand the differences between copy and content, and especially when to use them.

During the sales process you want the copy to first attract and lead the customer to you and then you want the content to build trust and secure the sale.

Both copy and content, play an important role during the sales process and you need them both equally to make it work.

Think of it like Fishing, and copy is the bait on the hook, and content is the line and rod.

You can’t catch a fish without the bait and the hook, but you need the line and the rod to reel in the fish once it’s hooked.

You need a writer (fisherman) that knows the differences, when to use them, and how to use them.



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