May 21, 2014

The difference between words on a page and content that gets clicks

The buzzwords hum in your ears: content marketing, SEO optimization, customer engagement, authoritative copy. But how exactly do you get copy that turns someone from a passive reading into active clicking? Is there some magic formula to draw potential clients deeper into your website?

Sorry, there is no magic formula. But there are some best practices, and they have to do with what you put on your website. Bored readers won’t click. They will barely read before they dismiss you with a royal wave of their mouse and go onto your competitor’s website. Here’s content that will invite them to stay and bring their friends over for a visit, too.   Content-that-gets-clicks

Case Studies. Yes, this staple of marketing practice has been around for a while, but there’s a good reason it has stood the test of time. People love stories, and customers love to hear from someone who has walked the road before them. It offers insight and reassurance. Be real. If there were a few hurdles you and the case study client jumped when you booted up the new software or installed the new machinery, talk about them. Things are rarely perfect; knowing what to reasonably expect prevents problems later.

White Papers. These tend to be a little more geared toward the B2B market, but nevertheless they are becoming a hot trend. Make them rich enough that customers will want to download and share them. Include information about your product or service in clear, easy-to-digest detail. Sometimes you may even get people to opt-in in exchange for a white paper. That’s a great way to generate solid leads.
Product and/or Service Reviews. Like case studies, customers appreciate the ‘real deal’ aspect of product or service reviews. There is some good technology available these days for integrating these on your website. But don’t cheat. Savvy customers can sniff fake reviews like a hound dog catches a fresh scent.

Data Sheets. Like white papers, data sheets offer information about your brand. But it is put in small chunks for quick skimming and doesn’t include quite as much detail as a white paper. However, people love to download data sheets as much or even more than white papers, so give them the opportunity.

Theykey to getting customers engaged in your content is actually rather simple, really. Give them quality content that moves them towards a solution to their problem. Of course, that solution should be you.



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