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Fun Exercises that Will Help You Write Like a Pro

Fun Exercises that Will Help You Write Like a Pro

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Writing is one of those things that some people just have an instinct for. They know exactly which words to use to convey images, thoughts, and feelings clearly to readers. It may seem like these people do not need to work to improve their writing, but this is not true. Even the most famous writers in history did exercises to make their writing better. You can improve your writing with these fun exercises that will help you write like a pro.

1. One of the most popular exercises is free association writing. This involves starting with a blank page and writing whatever comes into your head. It doesn’t even have to make sense. The important thing is that you get those creative juices flowing by just writing and not stopping. Sometimes you may feel blocked because there is something in your subconscious that is bothering you. Getting it out on paper can help you get past the block.  Write Like a Pro

2. Try working on a mad lib. These goofy exercises make you start thinking about the functions of different words and parts of speech in a sentence. These are great to play with a friend so that you do not know the general outline of the mad lib. Relaxing and getting silly with writing is more fun than always taking things seriously.

3. Great writers feel strong emotions from their writing. If you cannot feel emotional about your work, then it is hard to really get into it and enjoy it. One way to stir up some emotions is to jump onto your iTunes and find some songs that have the same emotional feel as what you are trying to write.

4. One way to improve your ability to write natural sounding dialogue is to play the eavesdropper game. Sit in a public area and listen to what people say as they walk by. Take a lot of notes and try to develop a whole conversation out of what you hear. This is a great way to have some laughs while working to improve an aspect of your writing.

5. Try out some writing prompts. One of the best ways to improve your writing is to get out of your comfort zone, and a writing prompt can help you to do that. It can give you an idea of where to start with your writing so you can write something new. There are countless prompts out there that cover every subject, so you can do this often.

6. Write from a new point of view. If you are a woman, try writing from the viewpoint of a man. Or a child. Or a dog. Pick a person who is different from you and try to write something with their thoughts and feelings.

Professional writers are always working to improve their writing, and you can write like a pro when you practice with some of these fun exercises. Try to do one every day. Your writing will improve in no time.



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