Hitting the harder side at Sears
Hitting the harder side at Sears

Hitting the harder side at Sears

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With the news coming in that Sears has yet again had a lagging quarter, its ninth in a row, it’s time for them to take a look at what they are doing wrong.  However, it may be what they are not doing at, that is leading to these money problems.  While there was a small uptick in stock value after they spun off Land’s End, stock numbers once again declined, and projections have since remained gloomy. Hitting the harder side at Sears

Sears isn’t the only retail store with losses.  Walmart and Target both reported that things could have been better, but both remained optimistic about the future, and the coming school, then holiday, sales seasons.  Some stores even reported some significant gains.  Macy’s, and TJX owned TJ Maxx and Marshall’s both reported gains 13%

So what are they doing that Sears isn’t?  Evolving, and planning for the future, while keeping what it made a big player in the retail game.  It seems that Sears is looking for a quick fix to keep themselves afloat rather than address the main problems of lower quality items, and aligning themselves with some celebrities that are certainly divisive.  It’s time for Sears to take a step back, and remember what they did best all those years ago to become one of the biggest, most successful American made businesses in the country.  Much like Macy’s, Sears has a long history as being a go-to store for many things for the whole family.  While they have kept that idea, what have they lost?  Relatability.

Sears needs to readdress their core customers, and entice them back to the stores.  There are many people who will always associate Sears with being the store to go to when you need a hammer, some jeans, and maybe a washing machine in one trip.  But there are others who see it as being just tools, or just appliances.  Sears needs to remind their customers that they are so much more than just hardware.  They need to enlist the right PR company to get that message out there, and in the right hands.  A two-handed approach that not all PR companies are equipped to handle.  They need some good copy that highlights, short and sweet, what they are about, and have always been about.

To get the attention of a new generation of customers, the approach needs to cover all bases, and needs to be attractive.  Hiring the correct writers, and PR firm can take their losses, and turn them into gains.  After two years of being in a downward spiral, what do they have to lose by updating how they interact with the public?  They’ve become a victim of the new rapid fire, quick read society that has overtaken the world, but worse, they allowed it.  They can no longer count on just their name to see them through the tough times.  With so many options for consumers, no retail company can take customers for granted.

So how can companies avoid falling into this trap of letting themselves become outdated?  They must find the right PR and writing firms that are up to date on the latest information of what it takes to get and retain consumers, and even draw back old ones.  Let us help you stay relevant, and handle the harder side of getting your information out there.  With us on your side, you can focus on what makes your business timeless.



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