How Do You Go About Hiring A Writer?

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For many, the decision to hire a writer is both easy and obvious. Most businesses rely on content to communicate their message to their clients, and the better you communicate that message, the more money your business makes.

Caveman say, more money good. Ooga booga.

Of course, the real challenge comes in actually figuring out the process of finding a writer that can complete your project.

After all, there’s a lot of questions you run into before you hire a writer:

Woman looking for job ad

I know I put that job ad somewhere…

  • How much will hiring a writer cost?
  • How long will it take to get the job finished.
  • What type of writer do you need?
  • What’s the difference between a good writer and a terrible writer?
  • Where do you find good writers?
  • What are the signs that a writer is trying to overcharge for the project?

These are all great questions, but a lot of the answers depend on the specifics of your project and what your business wants to accomplish. However, no matter what your project is, let’s go over exactly what YOU should know before you start looking for a writer.

Narrow down the type of writer you need

Writers are often specialists at what they do. Some writers will be more or less expensive, depending on their specialty, and we actually go over that briefly here. Bottom line, if you need advertising content, or content that will bring in leads or sales, you want a copywriter. Keep in mind, SEO content brings in traffic, not leads. For the purposes of this article, traffic is basically the number of people that walk by your store, and leads are the number of people that walk INTO your store.

Which brings us to the other type of writer, your SEO writer. These specialists can increase your traffic, which if your lead capture and sales pages are well put together, can lead to more money in your pocket. Picture somebody directing a highway full of people down the street your store is on, and you’ll get a good idea as to why SEO writers are almost as valuable as the guys that are convincing your customers to walk into your store and buy your products or services.

Of course, you may simply need reputation management type content, or content which explains how to access customer service, use your product, or you may even need someone to create a video script to put on TV or your website. There are specialists for all of these areas, and while a talented freelancer might be able to help you get this done, keep in mind that a writer practiced in a given discipline will almost always get the job done better than your average freelancer.

Figuring out the type of writer you need makes it easy to narrow down how much your project is going to cost. Copywriters can cost in the thousands of dollars, while article writers can cost as little as 10 or 20 cents per word.

How to tell if a writer is worth the money.

Of course, once you know about what your project will cost, the next step in finding a writer is evaluating the candidates. Finding writers isn’t a problem. Craigslist, Odesk, Freelancer – there are tons of sites where people who are looking for work can advertise their services or bid on projects.

The real problem is figuring out if the person bidding is good at what they do, or simply an amateur who talks a good game.

First of all, you should never hire a writer without looking at some of their work. Read no less than 3 different samples, so you can get a feel for their style. This may be time-consuming (and often horrible as you sift through terrible samples), but its much better to read horrible writing before your project gets started, rather than hiring someone and finding out they are terrible after they have nearly completed the project.

Blog and article posts are great samples, because you can often see how often a writer can regularly produce quality content. It also demonstrates what that writer¬†thinks is good, so you can compare it with your own opinion. Of course, if you are hiring a writer, chances are you may not trust your opinion about their samples. Fortunately, you don’t have to trust your opinion. Simply look at what sort of content your competition is producing. If the writer you hire is at least as good as what they have or better, odds are that the writer is worth the money.

Hiring a good writer is not fast or easy… usually.

At the end of the day, like hiring any employee, hiring a writer is not easy. In fact, it can take even longer to hire a writer than other types of employees and freelancers, simply because of the time it takes to read through samples. More important than any resume is a writer’s ability to produce quality content on demand. The only way to find that out is hope the samples they send match the work they produce for you.

Of course, rather than going through the extended process of figuring out what writer you need, combing through tons of samples, and then gambling that the content will meet your needs, you can always take a short-cut. WordsRWeapons keeps only the best writers on staff, coordinating with them to make sure that your content comes out both high quality and well-within budget. We guarantee the best prices for quality writers, and we even customize content solutions, just let us know what you need and we’ll figure it out for you!

Sometimes hiring a writer is as easy as getting an expert to do it for you.



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