July 21, 2014

How Playing at the Park Helps You Write Better

If you are a writer, then chances are that you have experienced the dreaded “writer’s block” at some point or another in your career. Writer’s block can occur for a variety of reasons and makes it impossible to create great content. There are many solutions for writer’s block, but in the end it depends on your personality and personal motivation to write. One of the best ways to fight writer’s block, though, is to get away from your writing for awhile. This is how playing at the park helps you to write better.  How Playing at the Park Helps You Write Better

Get out of the house and clear your head. Writers spend a lot of time hunched over a desk staring at a computer screen. This can cause eye strain and mental fatigue. If your brain is tired or you have a headache from the computer, then it is no wonder that you are unable to write. Getting out of the house and taking a walk around the park is a great way to clear your head and refresh yourself so you are able to write more effectively.

Get inspiration. It is impossible to write if you have no clue what to write about. Many writers complain that this is the cause of their writer’s block; they hit a wall and can’t get past it. Taking a walk around the park can help your brain to generate new ideas. Make sure to take a pad of paper and a pen with you so you can jot down ideas that you have.

Talk to people. People that you meet at the park often have stories to share, and a writer’s lifeblood is stories. The mother sitting on the bench being hassled by her three kids could be a great resource. The college kids playing ultimate Frisbee in the grass will definitely have some stories to share. These stories can inspire you to remember your own stories, and sometimes this is all you need to get over a bad case of writer’s block.

Write what you know. This is a piece of advice is something that every writer has heard at some point in their life. But how can you write what you know if you never get out of the house? You need life experiences in order to write meaningful content that will appeal to many people. This doesn’t mean that you need to go on an around the world trip. You just need to get out of the house and take a walk in the park.

Every writer will suffer from writer’s block at some point in their writing career. Though there are many different ideas on what is the best way to overcome writer’s block, one of the easiest things that you can do is go for a walk in the park. Playing at the park will help you become a better writer.



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