How to Be Yourself When Writing
How to Be Yourself When Writing

How to Be Yourself When Writing

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Every writer has a distinct voice. Pick up some books or magazine articles and you will notice a difference in tone and style between each writer. This is one of the reasons that reading can be so entertaining, especially if you read about similar topics written by different people. Finding your voice and learning to be yourself when writing will give your content a unique flare that is distinctly yours and will have readers constantly coming back for more.

One of the first things you should do when you are trying to find your unique writing voice is to attempt to describe yourself with three distinct adjectives. Are you sarcastic? Meek? Polite? Sardonic? When you are writing as yourself, these aspects of your personality should come through. Your readers should be able to describe you with the same adjectives based only on your writing.  How to Be Yourself When Writing

Take a look at some of your favorite things to read. Examine them in extreme detail and try to determine what the voices of these writers are. Why do you enjoy them so much? Chances are that the aspects you like are aspects that you relate to because they are also a part of your personality. When you are able to answer this question, then you will be able to begin to incorporate the things that you like into your own writing or make them stand out more if they are already there.

Free write like a fiend. When you are writing for other people you tend to think about every little word much more than when you are free writing. While this is essential for being a great writer, it is not good for finding your distinct voice. When you free write, you let your thoughts explode onto paper. You may be surprised at the tone that comes out when you reread your free writing.

Ask yourself if you enjoy writing something while you are working on it. If it is not fun, then it is very likely that you are not being yourself while you write. Sometimes it is necessary to write in a different voice for professional pieces, but you should always be able to insert something of yourself that makes it more fun for you to write and more fun for your readers to read.

Seek advice from people you know. Ask them to describe what they think your voice is. Take notes of the answers you get and compare them. If lots of people tell you that you have a very sarcastic voice, then it is probable that this is an essential part of your writing style.

Just like every person is different, every writer has a different voice. Figuring out what your voice it will help you to be a better writer because it will help you to be yourself when you are writing. When you are yourself, you write things that are more gripping for your readers because it is something that you are more invested in.



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