How to beat the brain and get your content read

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Remember when you were about to get your last car? You started thinking about it … over and over again.

And for some reason, you kept seeing that very car you were thinking about. On your way to work… you see a model of the very car you’re thinking about. Walking across the street… you see another model of the same car. And before you know it, you’ve seen the car that you want several times throughout the day. craft content

Well, why is it that you didn’t notice the other models? Why did your eyes focus on that car over and over throughout the day?
It’s a little thing called the reticular activating system.

Here’s how it works: your brain has a filter, and whatever it is you’re thinking about… your brain will send the signal to your eyes for you to notice that very thing. In other words, it’s focus.

We’re not here to be overly scientific, but when it comes to content marketing, the focus needs to shift to your audience. And in order to beat the brain, you’ve got to deliver content that focuses on what your audience is thinking about.

Let’s be realistic, the average human sees millions of messages per day; advertisements, documents, magazine articles, text messages, news clips and menu pages. To get your content read, you’ll need to start thinking about what they’re thinking about. The next step is getting them to understand that your business can provide the solution.

Now let’s be honest: This isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do. After all, you’ve got a business to run. You’ve got products to make better. You’ve got inventory and accounts to manage. It’s hard to take the time and figure out what your prospect customer is thinking and then write content that gets their attention.

At WordsRWeapons our professional copywriters carefully craft the content your customer is thinking about on a daily basis. Once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll simply plug you into our process. Our proven copywriters will take the personality of your business and craft content that gets clicks… fast.

So are you ready to have our team keep your website content running on all cylinders? Click the link below and get started. We’ll see you on the other side.



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