How To Choose The Right Writer For Your Project

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As was mentioned in another post, like most professions, writers often specialize. While every writer can crank out a decently written article or blog post on just about any simple subject, the longer a writer works, the more comfortable they get working in some arenas rather than others.

The question you must ask yourself as someone looking to hire a writer, is exactly what sort of writer you need to get your project taken care of. What we have found here at WordsRWeapons is that more often than not most clients have a mistaken idea about what sort of writer they actually need. As is often the case, trying to get writers whom specialize in high-end content to write basic articles is a lot like hiring an engineer to change a light-bulb – very expensive overkill.

hiring writer confusion

Hiring a writer can be confusing

Worse, believing you need a basic article writer to draft your marketing content is akin to asking your plumber to build you a race-car. While your plumber may be handy, building a race-car requires a completely different skill-set, and the same goes for crafting marketing copy. Below we’ll go over some of the types of writers you’ll likely need, and what sorts of projects they’re best equipped to handle.

Copywriters – the Kings of content that creates action

Chances are if you think you’ve hired a copywriter, what you’ve actually hired is an SEO or Blog content writer. The two are often confused, but those that are familiar with what a copywriter actually does knows how valuable these writers are… as well as how much they actually cost.

Copywriters specialize in creating content that drives actions. If you want someone to click on a button, sign up for a service, or hand you money, you need a copywriter. If a copywriter is any good at what they do, they know that what they write is directly tied to either the number of leads they generate or the amount of dollars that get put into your bank account, which is why the better the copywriter, the more money they cost.

Don’t be shy about spending money with them, the cost is often worth it. If you are creating a single page on your site that is designed to sell a product or service, or to generate leads, a copywriter will ensure that most of the people that see that page are ready and eager to pull out their wallets.

Copywriters can write any sort of copy, but good copywriters cost money.¬†That means you don’t want them writing your articles or blog posts. The purpose of an article or blog post is often for SEO (getting your name mentioned on page 1 of Google), and a good SEO blog writer can do that for a fraction of what a copywriter can. Also remember, if a writer claims to write copy, the proof is the work they’ve done before. While an unproven copywriter may have talent, the true test of a copywriter is how well their pages convert. With copywriters, you aren’t just paying for content, you are paying for results.

SEO/Blog Writers – Getting You On Page 1 Of Google

Getting your site noticed by search engines is often a balance between crafting compelling content, and hiring writers who know how to make sure you site looks appealing to the Google bots. Of course, social media plays its part too, and most everything revolves around the clever use and research of keywords, and how and where they are inserted into your site.

Unlike copywriters, SEO writers know how and where to place keywords within the content they create to make sure that search engines like Google sit-up and take notice. The best of them will spend more time researching which keywords to write for than they do crafting the articles. The content they create will read well, be informative and useful, but the focus will always be on what appeals to Google rather than what will make someone pull out a credit card.

These types of writers are critical, and while not as costly as copywriters, they are responsible for the number of visits your site will get on a daily basis. More visitors means more leads and exposure for your sales pages, so the importance of a good SEO expert shouldn’t be overlooked.

Technical Writers

Sometimes you just need to have something explained, or have instructions written in a way that is easy to follow. This is where technical writers come in, and their expertise is invaluable. Technical writers excel at crafting content on complicated topics that needs to be broken down in order to be understood. Whether its putting together a baby’s bassinet or explaining what all the forms the IRS sends you are actually for, if you need something explained, you need to hire a technical writer.

Even freelance technical writers will specialize in various industries, some being familiar with aeronautics, civil engineering, while others often have security clearances with the government because of the manuals and handbooks they have had to put together. It is important to know what sort of technical writing expertise you need before you start hiring technical writers, that way you are sure to have the right writer for your project.

Journalists/Press Release Writers

Journalists specialize in disseminating information on a wide range of topics to an often uninformed public. The writing style a journalist uses is one where they give “the facts”, but frame those facts in an interesting or poignant way. No matter the style of the individual writer, journalists first and foremost look to give you the truth about a story, and excel at referencing and sourcing the content they create.

For this reason, journalists make great Wikipedia posters and Press Release writers, as long as they work hand-in-hand with an SEO expert. While a journalist may not be familiar with keyword placement, they are familiar with the best practices for sourcing their writing to make it past the rigors of press release syndication services and the academic rigors of Wikipedia entries. Additionally, journalistic writing often requires what is referred to as a “reverse-pyramid” format of writing, where the main point is established first, and then supported throughout the content.

This is different from other styles of writing, where a claim is made and then supported, in journalistic writing, you want to get across the conclusion right away, in case your reader doesn’t feel like reading the rest of the content.

Hiring Writers is not easy…

It should be pointed out that this short list is not exhaustive by any stretch of the imagination. We have simply covered some of the most common types of  writers that are the most useful for companies who are looking to hire writers. Like all fields that specialize, this is just the tip of the iceberg.

Of course, you don’t have to be an expert on writing to making finding the best writer for your project easy. At WordsRWeapons, content is our specialty. We find the best writers for you, negotiate on your behalf, and ensure the quality and deadlines for your projects from start to finish. We do the hard work so you don’t have to.

If you’d like to find out how we can help you with your next project, simply let us know what you’re working on and see if our solution is a fit for your budget. We offer customized pricing to all of our clients.




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