June 19, 2014

How to Craft Strong Copywriting

In order to Craft Strong Copywriting, you must First learn how to Think as a Professional. Strong copywriting comes from a mindset and mental study.

Knowledge is your most powerful tool in copywriting. Think about all of the Most Successful Athletes and Celebrities that you know.

They all have something in common, a certain type of mindset and mental study.  Craft Strong Copywriting

Learn from the Experts and Study the Masters in the field of Copywriting. Find a Mentor and participate in article peer reviews.

If you are a writer looking to sharpen your skills or a business seeking a copywriter, it’s Important to learn what it takes for Strong Copywriting.

Here are 5 Rules to Strong Copywriting proven by experts in the field of copywriting.

Rule # 1: Get the Attention of your Prospect

You want your copywriting to get the attention of your prospect. You want something that will be an Attention getter and attract readers to your website or product page so they will buy your product.

What you don’t want is to appear like you are selling anything. People like to buy but don’t like to be sold.

Your headlines should attract your potential customers to you. In order to attract the right type of readers that will buy your product, you must know what type of person that would need your product.

Rule # 2: Identify with the Reader’s Problems

After you gained the attention of your readers, you must then start to understand and identify with them. Copywriting is a skill and in order to connect with your readers you must learn to write copy that will help them.

You need to be able to understand your readers needs, wants, concerns, fears, and problems in order to really gain their trust. You start by identifying their needs and problems with a written verbal picture that connects with an emotion.

Emotions are powerful triggers and the most successful ones are the negative ones. Things that are hurtful to people, are the problems that they want to fix. The Seven negative emotions that best appeal to your readers, according to expert copywriter, Bob Bly are:

A) Fear

B) Greed

C) Vanity

D) Lust

E) Pride

F) Envy

G) Laziness

Rule #3: Position your Product as the Solution

After you sell your readers emotionally,  you must validate their emotional needs with a logical solution. This is where you position your product or service as the Perfect solution to solve their problem.

Explain why they need it based on their emotional needs. It’s also important to not be Pushy and write as if you are giving advice to a friend that has asked you for help.

Rule #4: Prove Value and Why You vs Others

Now that you have your position, your copy should explain the value to picking your product over “Joe Blow”. You need to make your reader understand why you are the best choice.

Your credentials , background experience, and charisma should be presented in a way that builds rapport and trust from your potential customer.

Rule #5: Time to Call for Action

Now that you’ve taken the steps to appeal to your reader based on their needs, identified their problems, provided a solution, explained why they should buy from you…It’s time to Ask for what you wanted all along.

It’s time to Ask for them to Take Action. Ask for what You Want. Ask for them to subscribe, buy, request, share, ask for Anything you want. If you followed all the rules before this one, People will do whatever you ask.



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