How to Write Copy for the Right Audience
How to Write Copy for the Right Audience

How to Write Copy for the Right Audience

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Writing copy is Easy, but knowing how to write copy for the Right audience, can be challenging. If you don’t have a clue about the industry or the audience you are talking to, it will be hard to keep your readers attention.  How to Write Copy for the Right Audience

For example, if you need to write copy for a Photography Studio that started a promotion; What will you write about? If you go on and on about the basics of photography, types of camera lens for the best shots, and you didn’t know this was a Digital Art Photography studio…

You’ve Failed Miserably at the assignment.

Create a Customer Avatar

Your job as a writer is to know your Target Audience. You must know what type of people will want to receive what your product or service has to offer. When you know the needs and problems of your readers you will be able to connect with them on an emotional level.

Spend time researching your target market and create a Customer Avatar. You should create a very specific profile of your Ideal customer.

The profile should include the age group, demographic info, level of education, gender, hobbies, needs, financial status, religion, likes, dislikes, personality, career, family, health, and problems.

You should know Everything there is to know about your Target Audience.

Research Target Keywords

In order to make sure that you reach your target audience, you need to research and use relevant keywords in your copy.

Many writers who fail to research their target audience before writing copy, will ultimately……..Fail to use relevant keywords throughout their copy.

In order to reach a larger audience, writers think that using more keywords will attract more people to their website. Search engine optimization, SEO, is a very important tool for attracting readers, however, if not used properly, will not produce the desired results you’re looking for.

Copywriters should research their target keywords and use them throughout their article in order to get better search engine results with Google and other search engines.

Surround Yourself with those on the Same Mission As You

Learn what works from peers and mentors. Find other people that are also doing the same thing you are and learn what works.

What I mean is, to Network, join groups, organizations, and memberships with other people that have similar interests.

If you are a copywriter, join a group with other copywriters and network with them to learn how to reach your target audience.

You could learn from that person what methods work for them and their audience. Although they may sale a different product than you, it’s still someone with similar interests as your customer, and could also be the Right Audience for you.

Participate in a Peer Review forum and ask your peers with more experience for feedback.

Most importantly, learn from your audience what’s working and keep listening to their feedback.






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