July 18, 2014

How to Write Eye Catching Headlines

Wondering how to attract more traffic to your writing and maintain a loyal base of readers? Simply write better headlines! The headline is the first contact that readers have with your writing. It needs to catch the eye of people browsing and grab their attention right off the bat. Knowing how to write eye catching headlines is essential for being a great writer, and these tips can help you write fantastic headlines.  How to Write Eye Catching Headlines

Write the headline before the content. Writing the headline first helps you to create a headline that accomplishes its entire purpose. A great headline should select the audience, get the attention of readers, deliver a promise, and draw readers to the content.

Never write a headline that is untrue to the content. Writing the headline first delivers a promise as to what the content will be about. Once the headline is written, it should be easy to create content that delivers on what the headline promises.

Consider using the list style of headlines. Headlines such as “7 Ways to Get Rich Quick” make it easy for the reader to know exactly what the article will be about and approximately how long it will be. This appeals to readers as a quick way to know exactly what they will be reading about.

Just like list headlines, “How to” headlines are very successful because they promise the reader a step by step guide for become successful at something. Readers like to know that there is a set number of steps that will help them to achieve a goal.

Although headlines can help determine your audience, it is important to have an idea of who you are aiming your writing towards before you write your headline. Write headlines that appeal to your audience. When you know your readers you are more capable of writing headlines and content that will make them want to continue reading.

Give the reader something new. Nothing is quite as good at catching a reader’s attention as a headline that promises new information. Words such as “discover,” “introducing,” and, of course, “new” tell the reader that you have something revolutionary to say and they had better pay attention.

Write headlines that relate to your readers. Commiserate with them and offer solutions to their problems. This is a great way to entice new readers to your writing by offering solutions to common dilemmas.

Do a little research to determine which keywords are trending in search engines and use those words in your headlines. This will make it easier for readers to find your writing when they search. It will also make it more likely that new readers will be able to find your writing.

A great headline is essential for writing content that grabs the attention of many readers. If you want more traffic and more people who bookmark your pages, then the first step is to write eye catching headlines that draw readers in.



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