September 4, 2014

How To Write Snappier Twitter Headlines

Frustrated by Facebook?  They’ve changed their algorithm, so if you have a business page, now only a small portion of your audience sees your content.  Some statistics say as little as 16% of your audience now sees what you post.  So basically, now you have to pay for advertising if you want people to see your content.   Twitter-Headlines

However, if you sought solace in Twitter… get ready for more changes.  Two weeks ago, the company tested a change to its core product.  In fact, they’re ALTERING the timeline of a small number of users.  While Facebook is hiding content from you, Twitter is doing the opposite – they’re showing you tweets from accounts you don’t follow.

Say what?

While this is all just preliminary testing, there’s a chance your business tweets could soon have a whole new set of eyes, from people who don’t follow you.

Yes, that’s exciting, but it also means it’s time you sharpen your writing skills.

Twitter is all about grabbing attention in short, concise sentences.

So to write well on Twitter, it’s all about the headline.  You want it to be magnetic, interesting and entirely too juicy not to click.  While great headlines require brainstorming sessions, there are some easy rules to write better copy.

Use active voice.  Subject, verb, object.  “The dog ate the bone.” Not, “the bone was eaten by the dog.”

Twitter also really likes verbs.  It’s all about action.  In fact, statistics actually show that tweets that have more adverbs and verbs perform better much better than tweets that are weighted down by useless adjectives and nouns.

Another Twitter must – include a call to action.  Basically, people will do what you say.  Tell them to download your free report.  Ask for a retweet.  Tell them to share.

Now we’ve saved the best for last.

Experts have actually researched which words are included in the most re-tweeted headlines.  They include: you, twitter, please, retweet, post, blog, social, free, media, help, please retweet, great, social media, 10, follow, how to, top, blog post, check out and new blog post.

So as Twitter now tweaks its algorithm, be ready for the doors to open.  There’s a chance your content will be broadcast to more people… so make sure your writing skills are up to par!

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