Internet Marketing Expected to Help Pull Whole Foods from Decline
Internet Marketing Expected to Help Pull Whole Foods from Decline

Internet Marketing Expected to Help Pull Whole Foods from Decline

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The Internet has made it easier than ever for companies to promote themselves to a wider audience. As more and more people have reliable Internet service, companies are taking advantage to boost sales during difficult economic times. Whole Foods is one such company that hopes to halt or at least slow its downward style with an Internet public relations and marketing campaign. This plan is expected to help pull the health foods conglomerate from its decline.

Recent years have seen a dramatic shift in America’s desire for organic food. Buyers want to know that their food is local and free of the chemicals and preservatives that have previously been used. For years, Whole Foods has been the definitive place to go for people seeking a totally organic diet, but the rising demand has opened the market for smaller businesses to start up. This has put a significant dent in the success of Whole Foods.  Internet Marketing Expected to Help Pull Whole Foods from Decline

In response to this decline, Whole Foods has embarked on a campaign to raise consumer awareness of healthful food options and differentiate its brand from the other food markets out there. The initiatives are expected to highlight the value that Whole Foods offers to its customers.

The company plans to open new stores while also remodeling existing stores that are more than ten years old. They are also rolling out a national advertising campaign as well as experimenting with online ordering and home delivery, something that many consumers are interested in. Taking advantage of the Internet to reach people who may not be able to leave their homes or travel distances to get healthier and higher quality food is a great way to reach out to consumers.

The company is also being smart in addressing some of the negatives that consumers have brought up. One of the most common complaints regarding Whole Foods is its prices. In fact, many people mockingly refer to the chain as “Whole Paycheck.” This trend has led to a reluctance from many consumers to buy higher quality food because of the higher price.

Whole Foods has responded to this by opening locations in low-income neighborhoods, especially in Chicago, so that the people living in these areas have access to higher quality food and an interest in eating healthier. The interest of the company in this common complaint shows that they listen to their customers and take an interest in what they are saying.

For any business, listening and acknowledging customer concerns is essential. A public relations campaign can do wonders for marketing, especially when there is a positive spin. By building stores in low-income areas, Whole Foods has acknowledged its customers and has shown an interest in increasing customer relations. The positive spin that this outreach has placed on the company is ideal for PR and for getting the attention of consumers.

Whole Foods may be suffering from the increased sales of organic and high quality food from other markets, but their positive campaign is sure to help. By reaching out to new communities and using the Internet to try new ideas, Whole Foods has shown that it is a versatile company willing to listen to its consumers and work to improve areas where it is criticized.



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