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Editing and Posting Services Per Page


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Editing and Posting Services: Rate varies, typically $30 per page

1. What we deliver

You may find that you have content written by other writers that needs to be polished or reviewed. You may know it needs “something”, but you aren’t sure what. You may just want some basic proofreading. Or, you may want to add additional layers of editing and proofing to enhance the quality of the content we deliver. We are happy to do so. The rate can vary, but is typically just $20 per page for one of our editors to work on a document.

Things that can affect the rate are the area of expertise of the editor, if you wish for additional “fact-checking”, if substantive changes are required as often happens with content outsourced to non-native speakers, etc. In all instances we will need to see the document first, and will inform you of what the rate will be before billing you.


Additionally, if you wish to have your content published for you, we can publish each piece of content we write for you for just $8 per article. We will happily follow any process you set forth, or use standard best practices if you do not have a methodological preference

2. What we need from you to complete Editing Assignment

  • Document to be edited
  • What you want our editors specifically looking for
  • An ideal deadline; anything shorter than 3 days may require a rush delivery fee
  • Account information
  • Process information (if applicable)




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