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Tier 1: Basic Blog Content and Content Duplication.


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Basic Blog Content and Content Duplication per 500 Words; 250Words delivered minimum, guaranteed.

1.1. What we deliver

Basic blog content is typically between 250 to 500 words. The writing is engaging, the topics are as original as you want them to be, but this IS the lowest tier of content that we produce. We will either rewrite an article you provide to us so that is completely “unique” as far as Google is concerned, or we will write from scratch an article based off of an example article that you provide.

We will also recommend having us pay a second writer to proofread this article. There are many reasons to do this, but the bottom line is that no writer can effectively proofread their own work. We add $5 to help reduce errors, and we only hire the best writers, but we feel this is an important fact about writing to tell all of our clients. I guarantee you that if you send us a piece of content – no matter who wrote it – our editors can find a mistake.

1.2. What we need from you to complete Tier 1 Assignment

  • Keywords (if any)
  • An example article, or an easily Googleable Topic (example: 7 Great Stretches For All Runners)
  • An ideal deadline




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