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Tier 2 Content: Basic Article Type Content.


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Tier 2 Content: Basic Article Type Content. $70 Per 500 Words

2.1. What we deliver

Article content is typically more robust, and falls in the 500 to 2,000 word range. It typically has to be fairly well-researched, with sources cited for credibility. Example articles are useful for communicating style, but should not be the sole source the article is based on. Bottom line – when you need an original thought backed up by original research – this is a Tier 2 article.

Here too, we recommend a proofreader for just an additional $5 per 500 words.

2.2. What we need from you to complete Tier 2 Assignment

  • Keywords (if any)
  • An example article for style, or a brief explanation of what you want people thinking when they are done reading the article
  • An ideal deadline




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