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Tier 3 Content: eBook.


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Tier 3 Content: eBook. $200 Per 500 Words, Depending on the topic

3.1. What we deliver

eBooks are essentially in-depth articles that are very well researched. They represent hours of research that needs to be organized, distilled, and broken down into easily understandable sections. The typical eBook is at least 10,000 words (around 20 unformatted, imageless pages).

For eBooks, 1 round of proofreading is included. However, that still leaves laying out the eBook and producing it as a PDF. Having us take care of the art is something we are happy to do if you do not have a graphic artist, or if you simply don’t want to deal with the headache of finding one. For an extra $75 per page we will deliver the eBook fully arted, proofed, and written, including cover art.

3.2. What we need from you to complete Tier 3 Assignment

  • Topic
  • What you want people thinking and doing when they are done reading the eBook
  • An ideal deadline; anything shorter than 2 weeks may require a rush delivery fee.




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