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Tier 4 Expert Article


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Tier 4 Expert Article:$450 Per 500 Words

4.1. What we deliver

The writers we use for most projects are skilled professionals, capable of writing on any topic that can be researched with competence. Given enough time, our basic writers can write about marketing, neuroscience, and even academic papers – but this might take days of research as they learn how to learn about the topic. Rather than paying one of our basic writers to learn a topic well enough to write about it with confidence, we have a network of experts that can be tapped who are not only familiar with the topic…


They might even know more about it than you.


Of course, depending on the topic, the rate can vary. Getting a doctor to write about a topic competently will cost more than a fitness consultant, etc. Let us know the level of expertise you want, and we will quickly get back with the appropriate rate. Expert articles also include proofreading, and independent fact-checking can also be arranged for a nominal fee.

4.2. What we need from you to complete Tier 4 Assignment

  • Topic/Title
  • What you want people thinking and doing when they are done reading the article
  • An ideal deadline




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