June 24, 2014

Solve a Prospect’s Need and Don’t Just Open the Door

The difference between getting their attention & giving them the answers they are looking for

In the wonderful, wistful and wide-open world of marketing, there are two distinct and separate components: COPY and CONTENT.

copy content

If we use the analogy of a door – you are in yellow, the prospect in blue – it looks like we have blue guy ready and willing to accept our invitation, to come on in! That is a depiction of what good COPY does. He has bought-in to what we have told him, probably because he trusts us and believes our premise and promises.

Web copy is that part of the sites text which is designed to persuade you to do something or take some action. It may be the link saying ´subscribe now´ or ´find out about our after sales service´. It may be the opening paragraph on the first page of your website which persuades your users to do what you want them to do. Your title headings are copy, your links to reassurances about privacy, shipping and warranties are copy. It is copy that guides your browser through your pages so you should make it as powerful psychologically if it’s a headline as you possibly can.

Nothing at all wrong with that, right?

Well not exactly. If, after all your premises and promises, you’ve got a hot mess on the other side of the door, that happy blue guy will turn around and run for the hills; taking his business elsewhere.

Our prospect will have no reason to regret his decision when there is solid CONTENT on the other side of that bright, shiny doorway. You are fulfilling those promises. He is pleased with what he is seeing.

Web content is the part of your website which you want or need your browsers to read. Articles are content, your after sales service description, your specifications page, a page with contact details in fact anything which describes something in detail. However content does not simply impassively provide information. To improve conversion your content should solve your browsers problem, answer their questions and then your copy should kick in again to get them to continue to the next level of your persuasive process.

Satisfaction is an incomparable feeling. When you are lucky enough to run into the solution you have been hoping to find, you get a smile on your face, you raise both arms and scream “Yes!!!” to the sky. Your dog jumps up ‘n down and the entire house or office is wondering what may have caused such a celebration.

You can provide that measure of euphoria when you solve a prospect’s need and don’t just open the door. You know how to produce effective copy, the kind that has them lined up outside your digital portals. This is exactly what you had in mind. But that isn’t the end of the story. You must now provide the goods and services you promised. Give people exactly what they want (not a flimsy reproduction) and they will come return again and again ………andthey will be doling out referrals faster than you can say, “Thank you Words R Weapons!”



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