Starbucks Seeks to Increase Positive Public Relations by Helping Employees Pay for College

Starbucks Seeks to Increase Positive Public Relations by Helping Employees Pay for College

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It is no secret that the economy is in trouble. One of the groups that is severely suffering from the recession is college students. Most students struggle with paying loans after college, but people also struggle with going to school in the first place due to high tuition costs. The Starbucks program to help students pay for college will give these people the chance to get a great education without the stress of high tuition’s.

The Starbucks program will help employees pay for a portion of the first two years of tuition for an online bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University. The program covers the entire cost of the last two years. With over forty degree programs at Arizona State to choose from, Starbucks employees can get a degree in the field of their choice.

Offering a program to help pay tuition is not a new concept, and many companies do this to help their employees. There are several differences, however, between the Starbucks program and other, similar, programs. For example, employees do not need to remain employed at Starbucks after they graduate in order to take advantage of the program. Nor does the program only apply to workers who have been with the popular coffee retailer for long periods of time. Anyone working at least twenty hours a week can get tuition support.   Starbucks

So far, Starbucks has done a great job promoting the positive aspects of this program. There is a lot of concern throughout the nation regarding education and the expenses taken on by college students who then struggle to find employment and pay back loans. The Starbucks tuition program is ideal because students can remain employed while getting their degree, and they will not be as deep in debt when they get their degree.

Naysayers would typically come out at this point to bring attention to the undisclosed benefits that Starbucks receives from this program. The coffee company, however, has already openly admitted these benefits. This is a great PR move because it shows that the company is not hiding any secret benefits. Both Starbucks and the employees get something great out of the deal.

Starbucks has said that the tuition program is great for the company as a whole because it allows them to attract and hold onto higher quality employees while also increasing the company’s reputation. The positive PR generated by this program will definitely improve the company’s image, and many employees are interested in the program.

By admitting the benefits to itself, Starbucks has shown that it is an open and honest company willing to admit that its tuition program is not entirely altruistic. Still, the program allows more freedom for employees to choose their own careers than most other tuition support programs. Although Starbucks benefits by attracting better employees, the employees also benefit. It is a win-win situation, and Starbucks is smart for openly admitting the benefits that affect the company as a whole. The tuition program has given Starbucks a lot of positive PR that is great for the popular coffee company’s image.



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