June 25, 2014

The Best Possible Blog Post in the World

How would you feel if you were able to write the Best Possible Blog Post in the World? I know I would feel Amazing and on Top of the World!

If you are a writer, I’m sure it is definitely on the…”To Do” list, and if you have a business, I’m sure it’s part of your marketing goals.  The Best Possible Blog Post in the World

It will take a Blog Post that fills the needs of your Audience, is interesting, informative, Grabs Attention, and Produces the results you desire.

It Will Take the Mindset to have the Best Blog Post to Maintain the Attention of Your Target Audience.

7 Ways How To Write the Best Possible Blog Post in the World

1.) Know Your Target Audience: Research and understand your Target Audience before you write Anything. People like to buy things based on how they feel. If you want them to buy from you, you will need to know how they feel and find out what their needs are. You must take time to learn the needs of your audience.

2.) Attention- Getting HeadlineYour headline should Grab the Attention of your Readers. Keep your headline Ten words or less and Catchy to draw in your target audience. Make sure to use keywords and phrases that will appeal to your readers emotional needs.

3.) Relate to The Needs of your Audience: Appeal to the emotions of your audience, such as fear, lust, envy, greed, vanity, pride, and laziness. Emotions can be good or bad and trigger an emotional response to buy your product or service. You might not want to use them, but negative emotions trigger the most responses in people, as evidenced in marketing research.

4.) People like to Buy, but Not be Sold: Write to your audience as if you were talking to a close friend. Make your reader feel as though you are their friend and giving them good advice that will help them with their problem or need. Don’t pressure sell them, learn the technique of selling, without appearing to be selling.

5.) Position your Product as the Solution: Provide your audience with  the perfect solution to their problem…Your Product. Let your reader in on a “Secret” between friends, that just happens to be your product or service.

6.) Provide Value and Creditability: Explain to your reader why you and not your competition. Give them your Credentials and inform them of the valuable service that you can offer them. Be charismatic and witty. Make them like you and want to buy from you. Share yourself and show your personality. People buy from people they like.

7.) Ask for What You Want: Now it’s time to Ask your audience for what you want. Ask them to buy, subscribe, join, follow, like, and if you do that…Your Blog post goes Viral…You have millions of hits…Your Audience is giving Rave Reviews…You Love it….Then that’s how you write the Best Possible Blog Post in the world…for your audience.




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