The science of choosing the right words
The science of choosing the right words

The science of choosing the right words

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Two guys want a beautiful woman’s phone number. Both men are attractive, wealthy, in shape and would make decent partners for this woman. One guy approaches the woman and starts speaking to her.

She slaps him in the face. She storms away, shaking her head at this guy. He clearly doesn’t get it.

A little while later, the second guy comes up to her and starts talking. She immediately starts laughing. A small talk turns into a long conversation. They both find a seat. They continue talking. Finally, she reaches over and puts her number into his phone.   The science of choosing the right words

What was the difference? It’s simple. It wasn’t that one was more handsome, wealthier or fitter.

One guy had the right words, the other one didn’t.

Sometimes, that’s exactly how it works in cyberspace. One website’s content gets the “x” button and another website can keep a reader engaged… even prompting that reader to pull out their credit card and start ordering stuff!

What’s the difference? The right words. Here are 3 reasons why the right words add value:

1.       The right words can solve your reader’s problems. After all, that’s why they’re on your website. And when you can position your product/service as the answer to that problem, it adds great value to your website.

2.       The right words develop a relationship with your reader. When you can help to reach their problems, they want to come back. Imagine having an army of loyal website readers, hanging on your every word… telling others about your website. Talk about value!

3.      The right words can establish you as an expert. When you can constantly speak to your loyal reader problems, they come back, looking to you as the expert in your field. And experts get paid pretty well, don’t they?

When the right words are written, your website is more than just a random page… it’s a destination for your loyal army of followers. It’s a place where they want to spend their precious time, meaning more traffic, more conversions… more sales!

But, here’s the issue… how do you begin to write the right words? Especially when you’re already so busy with other stuff in your life?

That’s where we come in. We are WordsRWeapons, a company dedicated to write the right words for you.

Once we know what you’re looking for, we’ll simply plug you into our process. Our professional writers do the digging and find the right words to speak to your audience.

The words that will keep them engaged. The words that will keep them coming back. The words that will make your website money. So are you ready to have our team keep your website content running on all cylinders? Click the link below and get started. We’ll see you on the other side.



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