June 26, 2014

The Secret Ingredients that Make an Amazing Writer

Google the traits of a great writer and you will be bombarded with dozens of hits. Reading through some of these articles will convince you that you have most of the qualities that great writers have. But there are several secret ingredients that make an amazing writer that do not appear on these lists. These particular traits set some writers apart from the pack. Check out the secret ingredients that make an amazing writer.

Amazing writers are able to size up content. They can read a story and not only point out where it fails but also why it fails. They can read a letter or listen to a sales pitch and identify specific problems. Then they can offer the solution to those specific problems. Professionals in every field do this. When it comes to writing, though, it is an instinct for words and how people interpret words that sets amazing writers apart.

A person who is an amazing writer will constantly be making subconscious connections. He or she is a visionary and a problem solver. Though it is not done intentionally, these connections will eventually form a pattern and then the light bulb will go on. The amazing writer will have an epiphany and be able to create something incredible with words.  The Secret Ingredients that Make an Amazing Writer

It is essential that an amazing writer be able to communicate ideas clearly. Oftentimes, writers come across as shy in social situations because they would prefer to write out answers to questions. This is because writing allows more time to think and sift through ideas. When a person simply spits out a verbal answer it can be muddled. Amazing writers prefer to have a chance to think and choose their words carefully so that their ideas are communicated with crystal clarity.

Though most people keep a journal or carry a notepad around with them to jot down ideas, amazing writers also have the ability to write in their heads. Sometimes it is inconvenient to try to write something down, or downright impossible. Maybe you are driving, or stuck in a boring work meeting. Taking out your notebook would be inappropriate or possibly dangerous. An amazing writer, however, can hold words in their mind’s eye and then transfer them to paper or a computer screen at a later time.

Every great writer will tell you that reading is essential to writing. An amazing writer doesn’t just read. He or she lives the story. They become completely committed to the story and are oblivious to the rest of the world for long stretches of time. They become so absorbed that nothing can distract them or take them out of the story until they are ready to leave.

There are plenty of great writers in the world, but few amazing writers. There are a few secret ingredients that make amazing writers, and their work stands out above all the rest.



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