Three Things Your English Teacher Never Taught You

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Writing is an important part of everyday life in the business world. We write e-mails, memos, and the occasional passive aggressive note to the yogurt thief in the company refrigerator. We also write for internet business, and while writing a stellar book report was drilled into our heads as a useful skill, it doesn’t get your company website the traffic it needs to generate healthy online business. To do this, you will need to hire a writer who has mastered the Three Things Your English Teacher Never Taught YouThree Things Your English Teacher Never Taught You
1. Blogs and Articles: It may be easy to write about things that interest you, but popular blogs and articles feature topics that interest the reader. A good article writer can talk about things relevant to your business and still keep readers entertained. They can also produce higher volumes of content than you normally can by yourself. Unless, of course, you have all day to produce articles and blog content (which, quite frankly, we do).
2. Search Engine Optimization: This is a technique that increases the likelihood of the web content on your page coming up during a keyword search. The best option for people unfamiliar with SEO content is to hire a writer that is. In the realm of the fathomless internet, publishing articles that aren’t SEO is like when a tree falls in the woods and there is nobody is around to see it. Nothing happens.
3. Call to Action: Buy Now! Act Fast! Call Today! These are (aggressive examples of) calls of action. Contrary to popular belief, the shouty two-word ‘BUY NOW’ hasn’t been an effective call to action since the vaudevillian era. Writers spend ridiculous amounts of time mastering the subtle art of the call to action because the only reason we get paid as writers is our ability to motivate our readers to read, act, and eventually buy (Read: A Voodoo Queens Guide to Brainwashing Your Readers).
Before you compose a badly written letter of outrage to your sophomore English teacher, take a breath, maybe have a cupcake, and hire us instead. Words R Weapons specialises in writing quality content for the client who wants interesting articles and web content without having to go back to tenth grade to relearn all of this stuff. Not to mention how awkward it will be trying to fit back into your high school clothes.

-Mandi John is a Musician, Personal Trainer, and Writing Ninja. Follow Mandi Jo John on twitter @mandijojohn and Instagram @mjojohn.



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