May 23, 2014

Web Content and Social Media – The Right Connection

In an ideal online world, our brands would flow smoothly between our websites, our blogs and our social media outlets. But as a business owner who is trying to keep this vast online presence alive and well, often each social site feels like its own mountain of work. In a hectic day and only limited time, how can you achieve a smooth transition for your customer between your websites and your social media outlets? How can you maximize the potential the social platforms have to inform people of news related to your brand, or special promotions and events?  word-content-and-social-media

Be Picky and Choosy
Social media platforms seem to be springing up like weeds. How many should you subscribe to? Research them carefully and pick the ones your customers are populating the most. Certainly the big ones (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook) seem almost mandatory, but beyond that, do careful homework. You want to maximize your time and exposure.

Share the News
Visitors to your website won’t necessarily realize you are on social media unless you tell them. Most social sites give instructions about how to include them on your site, but there is more to it than that. Put the ‘like’ and ‘share’ buttons on your blog posts so readers can help spread the word. Having a fantastic post will benefit you a lot more if you make it easy for visitors to share.

Ask for Action
Unlike the traditional call to action asking people to buy, social media calls to action as people to engage with the content somehow. Invite people to retweet, join a discussion, or like what you have said. Most websites do have the social media icons on them somewhere, but studies have found that people are more likely to click on them if you ask them to.

So don’t be shy…ask!

Accentuate the Negative?
Many website owners are opting to incorporate Facebook testimonials into their sites. This can be a great way to rack up some terrific feedback, but some people are afraid there might be negative reviews.

It’s your chance to make lemonade. You can publicly show how you responded to the problems. Most customers will forgive a problem if you deal with it quickly and satisfactorily. The negatives can become positives when handled well.

You website and your social sites should complement each other. Each offers a unique way to present your brand to potential clients, and with a comprehensive, well-managed online strategy, they will offer you and your customers more ways to connect and share with each other.



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